Have you been involved in an accident in Turkey or have you been injured? Either you have injured somebody or if you have been injured, you can contact us for consultation and litigation.

Turkish Code of Obligations (Law No: 6098)  has regulated three main sources of obligations: contracts, torts and unjust enrichment .

Turkish Law states that : “Whoever causes damage unlawfully to another, whether intentionally or due to negligence is obliged to indemnify this other person”.

Therefore if you have been involved in an injury matter whether it is an traffic accident or any other accident that might have happened, we will get the maximum amount of compensation that you should be entitled to. On the other hand, you may have injured somebody,  then we will protect your every right for a minimum compensation.

What type of compansation can you claim arising from an injury?

You can claim compensation for your moral and material damages.

In traffic accident, material and moral damages are claimed against whom?

The damages arising from the accidents can be demanded from the party who caused the damage depending upon the other side’s economic power, mistake level and your losses. Also the insurance company is also liable for material damages depending on the liability stated on the insurance contract.

Can the heirs of a deceased who has died in an accident ask for compensation?

The heirs of a deceased who has died in an accident may also ask compensaton for moral damages or compensation for loss of support.

What is the prescription of litigation for the cases related to traffic accidents?

The compensation case must be filed within 2 years after the perpetrator or the damage has become known. In any case, duration of 10 years is the maximum duration for litigation of a compensation case.

If the traffic accident requires a criminal case procedure then prescription shall be prolonged pursuant to Criminal Law and longer litigation durations shall become valid.