Why Burcu Yılmaz Sayılgan Law Office?

We are a result oriented office having accountability, efficiency and professionalism as our main objectives. Our lawyers have an extensive knowledge on Turkish Law and they are all English speaking lawyers with an understanding of international business.

Where are you based?

Our two main offices are in İstanbul and in Fethiye. We are amongst the best English speaking lawyers in İstanbul and the best English speaking lawyers in Fethiye in terms of our fluent English and extensive knowledge and experience on Turkish Law. We have partner offices in BodrumAntalyaDidim and Marmaris. However, we have the authority of working everywhere in Turkey.

How can I issue a power of attorney?

For us to represent you, you need to issue a power of attorney on our names. That can either be done in Turkey at Turkish notaries, or abroad by public notaries and consulates.

Inheritance Law & Wills

I have an heir in Turkey. What should I do to inherit my inheritance

To inherit your inheritance, you will need an inheritance certificate showing that you are the heir of the deceased obtained through Turkish Courts. You will then need to prepare the correct paperwork and pay the inheritance tax. As being amongst the best inheritance lawyers, we deal with your inheritance matter from A-Z. For inheritance , you can find information on our Inheritance & Wills section and read our article Inheritance Law in Turkey.

Can I make a will in Turkey?

Yes you can but wills are only valid in Turkey if they are done according to law. Please contact us to make a will in Turkey not to have complications in the future. You can find more information on our Inheritance & Wills section.

I paid for a property but the seller did not transfer my deed?

As being among the best real estate lawyers in Turkey, we can definitely help you with a matter like that. If you signed your pre sale contract in relation to the sale at the notary, you can force the seller to sell the property. However if your signed your pre sale contract informally, then you can file a civil suit to get the money you paid back with the proof of the transaction of the money. You can find more information on this matter on our Conveyancing & Real Estate Law section.

Are wills not valid in Turkish Inheritance Law ?

Wills are valid in Turkey. However some heirs have reserved shares. And for them to get their reserved shares, they need to file a court case if their reserved shares have been given to somebody else through a will by their ancestors. Reserved shares are lower than legal shares. You can find information on our Inheritance & Wills section and read our article Inheritance Law in Turkey.

Divorce – Family Law

I divorced my Turkish partner abroad. Is that divorce valid in Turkey?

For your divorce to be registered in Turkey, you need to apply to Turkish Courts for the foreign court decision to be recognized and enforced.  As being English speaking divorce lawyers, we can handle that matter for you in the shortest amount of time. For more information please read our Family Law section.

How quickly can I divorce in Turkey?

There are two kinds of divorce in Turkey. A contested and a non-contested divorce.  If you can settle with your spouse and choose non – contested divorce, you can divorce in a couple of weeks where a contested divorce may take years to finalize. For more information please read our Family Law section.

I divorced in UK from my Turkish partner. What is the quickest way to get that decision recognised by Turkey?

The quickest way would be to either apply to the Turkish Embassy in UK or to get that decision recognised by Turkish courts.

Company – Commercial

As a foreign, can I form a company in Turkey?

Yes you can and you do not even have to be here. We can do it all for you as we have an extensive experience on company formation  in Turkey. You can find more information on our Commercial Law section.

Investment – Conveyancing

How can I buy a house in Turkey?

Buying and selling a house in Turkey is straightforward. The contract is signed at the Turkish deed offices. However you must make sure the house is free of debts and any 3rd party rights. You can find extensive information on our Conveyancing & Real Estate Law section. We pride ourselves for being amongst the best conveyancing lawyers in Turkey. We have dealt with a serious number of conveyancing matters with 100% client satisfaction.


I had a traffic accident in Turkey. Can I claim my damages?

Yes, you can claim compensation for your moral and material damages. As being English speaking injury lawyers, we work very hard to get the most compensation possible for you. Please read our Accident – Injury Law section for more information. 

Criminal – Criminal Law

I have been arrested in Turkey. What should I do?

You need to contact an English speaking criminal lawyer as soon as possible to make the necessary objections. With the right objections you may get released. You can find information on Turkish Criminal Law on our Criminal Law section.

Turkish Citizenship

How can I get a Turkish citizenship?

As being amongst the best Turkish citizenship lawyers, we make the process very straightforward for you. Our Turkish citizenship lawyers can give you the most reliable information on applying for a Turkish citizenship. As being English speaking real estate lawyers, we can represent you in real estate acquisition for the Turkish citizenship application. Investing in a property is the most common way to get Turkish citizenship. Please read our  Turkish Citizenship Application section for more information.

My husband bought a property worth of 250.000 dollars in Turkey for Turkish citizenship by investment. May I apply make a Turkish citizenship application with this purchase?

Yes, you can and we can help you efficiently, providing a stress free procedure as being among the best Turkish citizenship lawyers. If you are looking for a lawyer for Turkish citizenship by property, we are the Turkish specialist lawyers. Acquiring Turkish citizenship is our expertise. Please find more information on our Turkish Citizenship Application section for more information.

I want to apply for Turkish citizenship by property. Where do I apply?

 In order to acquire Turkish citizenship, applications are made to the governorship of the country where the settlement is located in Turkey and to the foreign representative offices abroad or by a special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right. Applications made by post are not accepted.

What are the documents required to get a Turkish citizenship by investment? 

Application Form (VAT-4),
2 pieces of 50×60 mm white background,
non-patterned biometric photo determined by ICAO and readable on the machine,
A passport or similar document indicating the national citizen of the person, and if it is stateless, the corresponding document.

Civil status certificate and marriage certificate if married, divorce certificate if divorced, widow’s death certificate.

A birth certificate or birth certificate showing the person’s identity information and, if married, a birth certificate or similar document proving the family bond of spouses and children. If the person does not have the date and month of birth, the certificate obtained from the competent authorities of the country for the completion of the date of birth, and if the document cannot be obtained, the signed declaration that he accepts to be carried out in accordance with Article 39 of the Population Services Law No. 5490.

Receipt showing that the service fee is deposited to the cashier.

When should the 250.000 dollars worth property be bought in order to get Turkish citizenship by property?

The property must be bought after 19.9.2018.
How will I proove that the property I buy to get Turkish citizenship is worth 250.000 dollars?
You need to get a report from a government registered expert.