American Collegiate Institute
(High School) 
University of Manchester
(Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Management and Marketing) 
Bahcesehir University
(Law Faculty)

Ms. Burcu’s legal practice focuses on assisting both local and foreign clients and firms, in a wide range of legal areas which include both consultancy and litigation. Having previously received a Bachelor of Science degree (with honours) in Management and Marketing from the University of Manchester and also being qualified in translation, Burcu is fluent in English and has a deep understanding of English culture.

Prior to studying and practicing law, Burcu started her career as an advisor in multiple international property agencies located in the South of Turkey. This enabled her to be sharp and efficient in conveyancing.

Burcu has a lot of experience in real estate law and inheritance law.  As a consequence, she has helped and litigated numerous matters on property and inheritance law, and has been able to meet the special requirements of every individual client.

Burcu understands that Turkish Law can be confusing for expats with local partners. She has assisted many expats in overcoming complex family matters. Whether it is a contested divorce or a non-contested divorce, Burcu is considered as one of the best family divorce attorneys.

Burcu  has successfully represented clients in all aspects of offensive defensive accident-compensation cases and criminal law.

Before returning to her hometown of Fethiye and establishing her own law office, Burcu worked in numerous leading law firms in İstanbul advising and litigating for some of the most respected, international companies which widened her understanding of commercial law. Since then she has had a high rate of client satisfaction.

Debt collection and Turkish citizen applications are also amongst Burcu’s expertise.

Burcu prides herself in regular client update, being  result oriented, being efficient, sharp and ethical.

Burcu’s last name “Yilmaz” means indomitable which is definitely reflected on her character making her such a match for being a lawyer.

Burcu enjoys scuba diving having a exploratory spirit since childhood. She composes poetry having the talent of compactness. She is the happiest when she is dancing being a free spirit. And she is getting better at skiing, fulfilling her adventurer needs. She enjoys psychological books since she believes in empathy and understanding differences in others. Her aim is to travel to as many different cultures as she can during her lifetime.  She permanently asks questions and always will.